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Save energy, Create energy, Store energy and Link for greener lifestyle. Panasonic presents a lifestyle with virtually zero CO2 emissions.

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In an era when the world is tackling the reduction of CO2 emissions,
Panasonic proposes a lifestyle with virtually zero CO2 emissions.
CO2 emissions are thoroughly reduced by enhancing energy-saving performance of home appliances and utilizing building materials with high insulation performance.
And remaining energy will be supplied by creating and storing energy with a combination of solar power generators, fuel cells, and storage batteries.
Panasonic's energy management system realizes a lifestyle with virtually zero CO2 emissions by linking these benefits together and smartly controlling all energy usage. Meanwhile, intelligent use will also be made of natural blessings such as air, light, water and heat to realize a more comfortable lifestyle.
Experience an ecological and comfortable lifestyle that only Panasonic can present.

Realize a lifestyle with virtually zero CO2 emissions in 201X.
Talking an amount of CO2 emissions in 1990 as 100%, it will be reduced by up to 35% in 201X
thanks to the energy-saving effects of the home appliances and the residential equipment.
The remaining energy required afterwards will be supplied by a combination of fuel batteries,
solar energy generation and accumulator batteries to achieve zero CO2 emissions. Assuming 3 to 5 years from now

Conditions for calculation (model family)
  • Family and house: A four-member, three-generation household comprising a grandmother aged 70, a father aged 40, a mother aged 37 and a daughter aged 6 living in a two-story house, which has four rooms plus a Japanese-style room with a total floor area of 136.9 squared meter (national average in Japan).
  • Products comprising the house: The Year of 1990: Latest models that we produced and marketed at that time in consideration of market share of 10%. The Year of 2010-201X: Latest products selected by Panasonic in consideration of market share of 10% and changes in lifestyles (increase in the number and size of products used in the house).

A lifestyle with virtually zero CO2 emissions

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